Today is Meatout...


Meatout is truly 'selling compassion.' Here's the description:
The occasion is Meatout, the world's largest and oldest annual grassroots diet education campaign. This year is the 25th annual observance! Every spring, thousands of caring Meatout supporters educate their communities and ask their friends, families, and neighbors to pledge to "kick the meat habit (at least for a day) and explore a wholesome, compassionate diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains."

This year's theme is "Change Your Diet - Change the World!"
So while plenty of people will be vegetarian or vegan FOR THE DAY... just how many full-time vegans are there?

“The available research puts the figure [of vegans] at around 1% of the USA population.”

That may not sound like a lot, but it translates into MILLIONS of vegans worldwide.

“Nearly one-quarter of Americans say that they sometimes go meatless at restaurants” … “10% of consumers say they largely follow vegetarian-inclined diets and 5% more are ‘definitely interested’ in shifting to vegetarian-based diets in the future.”

“'Meat reducers,' 'semi-vegetarians,' vegetarians, and vegans are growing segments of consumers. [...] The USDA estimates show declines in red meat consumption. [and...] One in four U.S. adults (25%) is a ‘moderate’ meat consumer who currently consumes meat with ‘about half’ of his or her meals.”

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