Consumer Trends: Veganism & Meat Reduction


A new research report found that veganism is growing in popularity:

  • “Meat reducers,” “semi-vegetarians,” vegetarians, and vegans are growing segments of consumers.

  • The USDA estimates show declines in red meat consumption.

  • One in four U.S. adults (25%) is a “moderate” meat consumer who currently consumes meat with “about half” of his or her meals.

  • Roughly one in eight adults (13%) is a “semi-vegetarian” who currently eats meat with fewer than half of his or her meals.

  • Older consumers are more likely to be reducing meat as a component of moving toward a healthier diet.

  • Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of ethical issues and skeptical of food safety.

However, there some bad news:

  • 61% of survey respondents currently consume meat with “every” meal (14%) or with “most” meals (47%).

  • There have been increases in both chicken and fish consumption.

Overall, the trend is clear: meat is out, plants are in.


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