On Being Radical

Noah Lewis explains why it's important for vegans to talk about honey:

If we think our ideas are too radical to be accepted, the solution is not to water them down to make them more appealing, but rather to present our ideas that are even more radical. [...]

Rather than retreating as society changes, social movements like veganism need to keep in front of it. [...]

Only by being "radical" animal rights activists can we actually create social change. Our movement need not to pander to what people already believe in order to succeed. By simply articulating and implementing our alternative vision its wild fullness, the radical becomes the mundane, and the world shifts by our presence.

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  1. Good point. I think it's important to talk about honey for another reason as well. There's good reason to believe that honeybees don't experience pain even though they respond to operant conditioning. Even when using sentience as the boundary of moral patienthood, it may be perfectly moral to eat honey. Let's talk about the subject without pretending there's certainty in the matter.


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