Does Veganism Sell Itself?

This video is basically a historical perspective of Vegan Outreach's attempts to "sell compassion." Jack Norris, co-founder of Vegan Outreach, comes to the conclusion that "exposing factory farms and advocating ethical eating is perhaps the most readily accessible option for reducing animal suffering."

Speaking of exposing factory farms...

Thus, effective vegan education/ compassion sales can take place in these kinds of situations:
  • Leafletting: handing out VO booklets that expose factory farming in images, statistics, and quotations.
  • Blogging: posting videos, photos, statistics, etc. that expose factory farming.
  • Letter-writing: sending letters to friends, family, and newspapers that expose the realities of factory farming.
  • Mobile Videos: tabling with a TV and videos of Meet Your Meat or other videos of factory farming.

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